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River North on a rainy day

9:30 a.m. brought three  mature artist to meet at a place we could collect our senses by having a good cup of caffeine at Starbucks on Franklin and Chicago Street.  This also allowed us time to map out our strategies.  One artist is proficient in Figure painting and already has a large client base, the other a contemporary artist who has her work in Scottsdale, Arizona and various places.  The third (me)  I’m not sure what I am…I’m still working on that even though I’ve been painting for years and do commissioned work privately and commercially.

We head down Franklin at 10:30 and our first two galleries were closed.  The third gallery we came upon was the Andrew Bae Gallery which handles Asian arts or art from Asian artists.  I must say I’ve been in this gallery many times and each time I enjoy the experience as the gallery owner actually loves what he’s doing.  He truly believes in his artists and is impassioned  about their work.  I love that he takes the time to approach us and explain the art and artist. We also learn what an interesting person he is and that he also is very talented in furniture making.  He had a table he had made that was absolutely fabulous!

Some of the galleries on this beat were non desrcript so I won’t say too much about them.  They are the ones you’ll go in and out and never remember.  You walk in and you are just invisible.

Next, the KH Gallery.  I am prejudiced because they carry an artist I absolutely love.  Rick Steven’s abstract oils.  Wow…visually it is a treat for me.  Normally they take the time with you but that day they were busy.  I like her eye for work well done.

Now we are heading east to the  Ann Nathan Gallery.  The Ann Nathan gallery is also one of my favorites.  I love the work they carry and they always take the time to discuss the work with you.  They had some works by Robert Guinan that were delightful.  It’s refreshing to go into a gallery that carries more traditional works. The  paintings showed so much character.  I like abstract, contemporary and traditional as long as it’s not predictable and passé’.

Next was the Portals Gallery.  What a  treat it was for me.  I love how she designed the gallery and carried artists that don’t take themselves too seriously.  It was an uplifting experience between the unusual antiques ,art and the space itself .  An appreciation I have acquired after working in  Commercial Interior Design.  The space was so comfortable and the owner so informative that I felt as though she were walking us through her home explaining all the lovely pieces. I felt a connection was made.

I’m running out of time so will finish our tour of the Riber North area on another blog.

I walk away with this.  The snubbery of the past has to change.  I may not be able to afford a Van Gough right now…but if I came into it by lottery, inheritance or what ever..I’ll tell you where I’d go.  I have bought paintings in the thousand plus range that I looked at for months before I went back and bought them. When I walk through those doors you should not expect that I’m not going to scratch your back.

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I am an Artist and an art collector.  As an artist and an art collector I gain excitement and motivation by gallery hopping.  Through my many years and through my travels I have had many different experiences viewing galleries.  Some of those experiences are very negative and some are very positive. I am using this site as a sounding board.  I would love to hear from others on theirs.